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About us

About us
About us

CONCORD International Transport, develops strategies and goals together with the client through the direct communication in daily work, managing to satisfy the aspiration of both in the matter of custom and coordination of the logistic in the most advisable form.

Our human resource, have an ample technical capacity and experience in the branch, with the support of original systems that offers the best and most personalized agile service in the custom and external commerce area that guarantees an strict reliability in the information that we handle about our clients and they’re custom operations.

The quality of our services is obtained by the implementation of modern technology to bring out the labor of giving integral solutions to our clients.

CONCORD International Transport dedicates basically to the custom agency for every type of importation, exportation and merchandise transit for all kinds of activity or illicit acts of commerce in the custom area.


As an organization dedicated to providing logistics services in the field of international transport of goods, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of clients, promoting the continuous training of our staff and increasing the value added in each of the services provided.


Being one of the best providers of logistics services for international transport of goods from North, Central and South America as well as countries in the world where we maintain presence Agents Network.

Strategic Functionality

  • To manage the customs proceedings for all types of importation, exportation and merchandise transition.
  • To diminish the time and costs used for the accomplishment of a custom operation and nationalization.
  • To increase all the operations of allowed acts related to the customs commerce.
  • To develop the growth of the organization to satisfy the demand of the clients in an opportune and reliable way.

Strategies of the Organization

  • To offer the most competitive custom, technical, legal and tributary services.
  • To facilitate to companies the access to a training of the personal responsible in the area.
  • To incorporate human resources of excellent initiative qualification and helpful service spirit.
  • To use the most advanced technologies to be with the client in the appropriated place and time.